Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why do we love Snowden?

Snowden Flood.

Ok, first things first-her name. It's just darn cool. But, come on. That's not why we love her. Oh there is just so much more to Snowden.

Snowden Flood is an interior designer who studied Fine Art in London and then later came to New York City to pursue a Master's degree in Sculpture at the Parsons School of Design.

After graduating, she worked at the Brookyln Museum of Art in the Design department and then with the amazing architect Peter Marino as a designer and a textile specialist. There she worked with clients (and we are going to "name-drop" here) such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Snowden is back in London now and working on her really cool collection of tabletop, cushions, tea towels and aprons.

But why do we really love her (aside from the fact that she is such a pleasure to work with)? She takes the landscapes of London and recreates it into a chic, fun, graphic and colorful image. She places these images on things we can use such as tea towels, mugs and aprons-we love great design that is also useful! She sees the lines of the building, the shapes, the patterns- the beauty of human creation and ingenuity. She sees beauty where others just ignore it. These images are great for those who have traveled to London or lived there and can relate to them. But I love them just because they are modern, simple and fun.

first row (l to r): Tate Modern apron, Albert Bridge tea towel, Battersea Power Station apron
second row: London River Series mugs, St. Paul's Cathedral tea towel

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