Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank you! Gratitude Day!

From left to right:

first row:
1. Sukie special notebook
2. Morris & Essex Thank You card
3. Paper + Cup letterpress "You Rock" card
second row:
4. Blue Ribbon Designs Thank you card
5. Paloma's Nest "Cherish" hand stamped petite bowl
6. Smock Paper bamboo "Thank You (kindly)" card
7. Zeichen Press letterpress "You Rock" card

I have not written a blog entry in weeks! I do apologize. A large, overwhelming trade show, a trip to Cape Cod and back to school preparation are just some of the distractions that have kept me from blogging! But, we are all finally getting back into a nice routine. And although I love spontaneity, like a child, I do find comfort in routine! Today I got an email from the stationery website called Tiny Prints about Gratitude Day. I didn't even know Gratitude Day existed but it's a fabulous idea! Today is the day we should all spend a moment (or two) to express our gratitude for the little and big things that make us happy and complete (less the turkey, parades and stuffing)! I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and sweet (most of the time) and beautiful little girls, for my Mom's strength and kindness and for my Dad's warmth and wit. I'm also thankful for my brother's creative talent and his ability to see beauty in so much - a trait he has passed onto his amazing daughter, Ananda. I'm grateful for my little cat, Nikita, who is cuddled up on my lap right now, purring (and unfortunately passing gas)! And for my health, support of my good friends, good coffee, hot showers, great wine, a run without stopping and this absolutely gorgeous day! And of course thanks to all of you who read my blog and shop on my site!

Check out the video that Tiny Prints made. It's pretty cool:

Also, check out this fun application for your Iphone that encourages you to write down something you are grateful for daily!