Friday, November 18, 2011

New Stamp Sets from Yellow Owl Workshop!

Just in! Check out these adorable stamp sets from Yellow Owl Workshop. We love them for gift giving to your crafty friend or teenager niece. We also love them for making your own gift tags and wrapping paper or to tag your baked goodies or wine bottles! The are perfect stocking stuffers! We now also offer a rainbow of colors of ink pads so you can create a masterpiece!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Bazaar collection from Thomas Paul!

We just received the new Thomas Paul Bazaar melamine collection and we think it's his best one yet! It's a great collection of beautifully colored plates, trays and coasters that feature safari animals and block print patterns that have an Indian or Moroccan feeling. We think they are perfect for gift giving! I love them as a way to cheer me up through these long evenings! It's been getting dark in CT at 4:45! I'm still missing summer!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My favorite items from Zara . . .

I took the kids to the mall last weekend which I never do since I'm really not a fan of malls and let me tell you, it was like the kids just entered the Taj Mahal! They were in awe. My oldest daughter said, "It must have taken them years to build this place." And my youngest daughter could have just gone up and down the escalator for hours. We were their to find some so cute (non traditional outfits for our Christmas photo) and spent some time in Zara- they have the most adorable kids department. I found so many cute things and wish I had more time to shop for myself which is nearly impossible with kids. So, I just went online and they have a great website (where have I been?) and I just put together some of my favorite items! Check it out:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We love when the weather gets a little nippy and the scarves come out! Scarves are a great way to add a little something to any outfit! We just brought in a new vendor that we've loved for years. They are called Love Quotes and they make gorgeous scarves in luscious colors. We have the scarf with an eyelash edge in two different weights. The linen / viscose blend is a perfect year round scarf that can keep you warm on chilly summer evening and will look great inside, at the office or a party. It won't overwhelm you. The size is perfect at 36 x 72." I'm a small person and these don't take over my outfit. The Rayon / Poly blend is a bit heavier and great to wear with a winter coat to keep you warm.

Worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Joile, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon and many others, you'll want to be among them knowing that 10% of all the profits benefit international children's charities. Watch the video above to learn more about their charitable giving.

We think these are the perfect gifts for just about anyone on your list because really, just about anyone can use another scarf!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing Waylande Gregory!

Note: the orange elephant salt and pepper shakers are on the way!

I have been an admirer of Waylande Gregory for quite a while and I'm thrilled to be able to offer it on Orange and Pear!

After the discovery of an immense treasure trove of work in the basement of the Gregory Estates Philanthropic Foundation, Waylande Gregory Studios was founded by Gregory's great-grand nephew Bryan Downey and fashion entrepreneur Mickey Rosmarin. Waylande Gregory Studios creates decorative porcelains and ceramics designed by one of the greatest modernist of the 20th century. From large-scale commissions for the Works Progress Administration and 1939 World’s Fair to delicate porcelains and ceramics, Waylande Gregory’s creations reflected the beauty and simplicity of his mid-western upbringing while pushing the technical boundaries of craftsmanship.

Beginning with his early life as a child prodigy, he was constantly striving for perfection. He invented and patented firing and glazing techniques that revolutionized the world of sculpture and would later be used by NASA to put man on the moon. His works, both the grand and the intimate, have been exhibited in over 170 shows in 11 countries, including the New York Metropolitan, Smithsonian and Whitney museums. Designed, glazed and sculpted using the vast library of Waylande Gregory's work. Each piece is produced by trained artisans in Peru according to the highest standards. Hand crafted from high-fired porcelain and stoneware using rich matte glazes, 22k gold and platinum. Waylande Gregory pieces resonate beauty, simplicity and perfection.

We are so thrilled to be selling this collection. We love the bold designs, the rich colors, the gold and platinum accents and the look that is both retro, glamorous and timeless all at the same time. We feel that they make perfect gifts for that special person. These are collectors pieces that you will cherish for years to come.

We fell in love with their bullet bowls, trays and salt and pepper shakers because we felt that were just the right size for gift giving. The bullet bowl has a tapered base which was thought to aid in stabilization in the ground. These originated during the Jomon period in Ancient Japan and lasted until roughly 300 BC. The bullet bowl has a spherical or polygonal, bullet shaped body. The design was revived in the 19th century

I just love the retro, glam look about the pieces. The animal designs are sweet and beautiful and the colors are so rich. The holiday dear and cranes are pieces you'll want to keep out all year and don't they make beautiful holiday hostess gifts? These are the kind of pieces that when you open the box, you swear you heard angels singing. Trust us. It's true! Click here to check out the collection.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2012 Calendars are here!

I know it's crazy but we already have our 2012 calendars! These make great gifts for everyone on your list (including yourself) and they sell out quickly! We love stationery and paper design so it's really tough to edit but we think we have a great assortment of sophisticated, colorful and unique designs to satisfy just about anyone! Take a look. Click here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

S'well Bottles- Cool Looking, Functional and Socially Conscientious

We just brought in the coolest water bottle around (and we know water bottles) by S'well. Founder Sarah Kauss was on a hike one day in the desert and was miserable because she was drinking luke warm water out of a reusable bottle and wondered "why isn't there a bottle that can keep my water cold? And keep my coffee hot? And why can't this bottle be elegant and beautiful, at home in the board room or hiking a trail?" And there, in that hot and uncomfortable moment, the idea for the S'well water bottle was born! And let us tell you, this is not just any water bottle! Its special technology keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It doesn't "sweat" on your hands, bag or papers. It fits in a car holder, stroller cup and its mouth is big enough for ice cubes. It's made of high quality stainless steal so there is no plastic lining and no after taste. No, it won't do your laundry, but it is one cool looking water bottle that you will love to have and to give! The 17 oz version comes in 7 really cool colors and there is a 25 oz size that is perfect for wine for a little dinner al fresco! Even better, they donate 10% to WaterAid that helps provide clean and safe drinking water for some of the poorest countries throughout the world!

Offered in black, blue, green, pink, red, gold and silver so there are plenty of choices for your thirsty self or friends! Need a gift for that someone who really has everything? Done.

We consume way to much plastic in this country which does not biodegrade, ends up in our oceans and uses a ton of oil to be produced. So quit your plastic water bottle habit now! Give this a try. They are amazing!

And here's a fun video to watch about plastic.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jonathan Adler. . . just love him!

We've carried Jonathan Adler since the beginning but why not talk about him again? I just love him. I love his design, his approach, his attitude, his love of pop color, retro pattern, orange and humor! His goal is to create a happy home. His motto is Happy Chic. He finds expensive items depressing because he says," it becomes too precious and what's the fun in that?" What is not too love? I listen to NPR everyday and man the news gets depressing so, I'm looking for added happiness in my life and you know Jonathan does that just perfectly. We are going to the gift show this weekend in NYC and I am always excited to see his booth. Check out all the cool interior design he's done too (below). It's just a mecca of happy Palm Beach style. You know what's also cool? He's a really nice guy. And if you really love Adler (like me) then you must check out this fabulous blog, Mrs. Lilien.

Monday, July 4, 2011

5 of Our Favorite Images from the May / June Lonny Magazine

Perusing shelter magazines is definitely one of my favorite ways to relax but I've been so busy recently that I'm way behind on checking out my favorite online mags. Lonny Magazine is a gorgeous one and I just finished looking through it. I thought I'd share some of my favorite images in no particular order. Also, our friend and very talented Grant Tankoos of Soundview Millworks was mentioned in Lonny for his nautical and equestrian inspired cheese and serving boards. They can be personalized with almost anything and are handmade in his shop in Darien, CT and they make perfect gifts.

I love this painting - the combination of the greens, blues and grays are so soothing to me. The teal glass vase and gray ceramic vase are perfect next to it.
I love hydrangeas and this dusty purple bouquet is gorgeous.
I just love Thonet Bentwood chairs. I've inherited a couple of old ones from my Grandfather. I love the "curly" detail on these chairs.
This is just a fabulous orange and green patio design! I also love it mixed with brown (our colors)! I just want to sink into that couch with a glass of wine.
I love this deep orange pagoda mirror!
Here is the Soundview Millworks mention:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Personalized Kid's Place Settings!

Ok, so I may not be able to create something beautiful out of my kid's food (see earlier post) but I certainly can "place" it on something fabulous! Check out this new line from Clairebella. There are colors and patterns for every kid and every hobby!

I don't know about you, but when I get invited to a kid's party or a baby shower, I am always at a loss at what to bring...I want to bring something unique and something I put some thought into...not just check off an item from a registry.

What little girl wouldn't love to clear their plate and see a little pink princess crown or a monkey with a pink bow in her hair?

How about the little boy that has everything? Maybe he loves tennis, or soccer or baseball? Personalize his plate with his name and an image from his favorite sport or his favorite animal, like a dinosaur? The possibilities are endless...almost.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MZ Wallace Pre-Fall and Autumn collections are here!

MZ Wallace has been our best selling handbag line yet and we still think the line looks great! We know it's hot out but the Pre-Fall and Autumn collections have arrived and if you are an MZ Wallace fan, you know the good ones go quickly and don't come back! There are so many wonderful styles to choose from. They are all easy to wear, easy to care for and well priced to boot. With many compartments inside and out for all the necessities, these are the easiest bags for us to sell. As featured in Glamour, Lucky, New York, People, Real Simple, O Magazine and Travel and Leisure, we are certain you will love these bags as much as we do! For Pre-Fall, we have a gorgeous mushroom color perfect for now and year round; the handles are a rich caramel color. Mushroom is offered in Kate and Alice. This a beautiful neutral. We also have a fun navy quilted tote called the Metro Tote. It's great for travel, for work or even for the gym. The Mia is a terrific new cross-body silhouette that is sleek and practical.

For Autumn, we fell in love with Charcoal Luster color as it reminds us of the best selling gunmetal from 2009 but even better and the Josie is an ultra chic top handle bag- we have it in a rich persimmon (and it's so hard to find a good red) and black. You'll love this style! And as always, if there is something you want and you don't see it on our site, email us at and we'll do our best to get it for you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

You'll will never see me doing this for my children!

Yes, I admit I obsess over lunches sometimes- making sure I have a decent sandwich, a vegetable and a fruit. I also try very hard to use "Easy lunch boxes", lunch bots, or lunch skins (reusable sandwich bags) which can take precious time in the morning to find all the right tops and bottoms but you will never see me create a sculpture out of my children's lunch! I love bento boxes but look at these ridiculous creations. No, I will not be making a cow out of ball of rice, or bunny ears with a jelly sandwich or cheese flowers or tulip carrots or ham peonies or cat whiskers out of celery! Really? Who has time for this? I'm the kind of mom that rolls out of bed 45 minutes before we leave the house (20 minutes before sometimes). I'd have to get up 2 hours earlier to make these creations! Maybe, on a good day, if I'm feeling nice, I might cut off my kids crust or make a heart out of sandwich but that is where I stop! Really, are there moms out there who do this?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet The Inventors! The Brooklyn Brew Shop

So , it's Sunday evening and we've had a crazy weekend with the kids and we are finally cooking dinner- a simple but delicious ginger roasted salmon recipe with sauteed sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and cous cous. We're exhausted and would love an ice cold beer with this little Sunday dinner but after tearing apart the fridge-there's nothing! Now, you can't buy alcohol on Sunday in CT and we are not that desperate to drive 30 minutes to NY to get our fix. A major problem- of course not. But, if we had thought ahead, we could have a stash of our own amazing beer all set to go for that sudden urge. And thanks to husband and wife team Stephen and Erica of the Brooklyn Brew Shop, we can now do that! Erica stumbled across an old beer brewing kit of her Dad's one day and had trouble finding the ingredients in NYC to make a batch. So, an idea was born! They quit their advertising jobs and borrowed a wee bit a money and started working on their plan. Living in a small apartment in Brooklyn, they understand the challenges of space so they created a 1 gallon kit, that includes: grain, hops and yeast for your first batch, glass fermenting jug, screw-cap stopper, 3-piece chambered airlock, racking cane, 12" laboratory thermometer, 4' clear vinyl tubing, tubing clamp and cleanser. All you need is: 6-quart pot, a fine mesh strainer and a funnel. Erica says that if you can make oatmeal, you can brew beer! It's about 1 hour and 1/2 active time and 2 weeks of fermentation for a delicious micro brewery in our own home or apartment. We offer 4 flavors: a citrusy Everyday IPA, a traditional Spring Lager, a light-bodied Tea and Toast and a refreshing Grapefruit and Honey Ale. We think these are great father's day gifts or how about bringing a kit to the host and hostess that you are staying with for the weekend or a birthday gift for that "hard-to-buy for" brother or friend! Great for the gals, too! I know this gal is looking forward to trying it!

Check out this video on how to brew.

Milly Love and Yeah for Orange!

Just got this email from Saks and it has some great pieces by Milly. I've always loved Milly, the designer, Michelle Smith designs amazing prints and really interesting silhouettes. The look reminds me of Palm Beach chic but much more sophisticated and modern. I love all the orange she used in this collection! The orange check shirt reminds me of a shirt I bought in Florence, Italy about 15 years ago- I wish I still had it. It was a perfect summer shirt. My favorite in this group in the zebra stripe orange tunic. I still love zebra and this is a great top. Great bag too!