Monday, June 20, 2011

You'll will never see me doing this for my children!

Yes, I admit I obsess over lunches sometimes- making sure I have a decent sandwich, a vegetable and a fruit. I also try very hard to use "Easy lunch boxes", lunch bots, or lunch skins (reusable sandwich bags) which can take precious time in the morning to find all the right tops and bottoms but you will never see me create a sculpture out of my children's lunch! I love bento boxes but look at these ridiculous creations. No, I will not be making a cow out of ball of rice, or bunny ears with a jelly sandwich or cheese flowers or tulip carrots or ham peonies or cat whiskers out of celery! Really? Who has time for this? I'm the kind of mom that rolls out of bed 45 minutes before we leave the house (20 minutes before sometimes). I'd have to get up 2 hours earlier to make these creations! Maybe, on a good day, if I'm feeling nice, I might cut off my kids crust or make a heart out of sandwich but that is where I stop! Really, are there moms out there who do this?

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