Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jonathan Adler. . . just love him!

We've carried Jonathan Adler since the beginning but why not talk about him again? I just love him. I love his design, his approach, his attitude, his love of pop color, retro pattern, orange and humor! His goal is to create a happy home. His motto is Happy Chic. He finds expensive items depressing because he says," it becomes too precious and what's the fun in that?" What is not too love? I listen to NPR everyday and man the news gets depressing so, I'm looking for added happiness in my life and you know Jonathan does that just perfectly. We are going to the gift show this weekend in NYC and I am always excited to see his booth. Check out all the cool interior design he's done too (below). It's just a mecca of happy Palm Beach style. You know what's also cool? He's a really nice guy. And if you really love Adler (like me) then you must check out this fabulous blog, Mrs. Lilien.