Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introducing Camp Cirrus

We would like to introduce you to our newest vendor...Camp Cirrus. They are a Swedish design company with great personality. They describe themselves as curious and friendly with a genuine interest in people and their everyday life. Their roots are from the Scandinavian design tradition, and their influences come from all over the world. They have been mentioned on some of the best design blogs such as:
Print & Pattern

Camp Cirrus carries accessories for you and your home. From Camp Cirrus..."We believe that our products appeal to those who want to add some colour and style to everyday life.
These trays are laminated birch and the process to make them is truly crafty! All material is cut into squares and placed in a press. By heating and applying high pressure the printed paper and birch wood are turned into a tray. To get the soft edges and to improve resistance a milling-cutter is used. Wax is then applied to the edges to withstand washing. All this fantastic craftsmanship is taking place in a factory on the island of Oland in the Baltic Sea. We also believe that beautiful and practical things make us all a little bit happier."

Which is exactly why we picked them! Doesn't everyone want to be just a little bit happier? We are loving the Spring-ish weather in CT and can't wait to start entertaining outside. We're not sure about you...but we have kids in our houses, so we are always on the lookout for fun, bright (and child-safe) serving pieces!

At your next BBQ, why not serve your hot-dogs and hamburgers on a beautiful Camp Cirrus tray? Better yet, serve yourself breakfast in bed on the floral tray...what could possibly make you happier?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Bailey Doesn't Bark

I've always been attracted to beautifully handmade pottery and of course I fell in love with the sophisticated work of Re Jin of the wonderfully named, Bailey Doesn't Bark. Her work is "inspired by memories, dreams and nature." She "strives to create simple yet uniquely witty designs to be enjoyed throughout everyday life." Since 2008, she has been committed to making eco and ethically conscious decisions from design to production. It is her intent "to inspire not only with my designs but with the philosophy infused in the production."

We love her mugs because there is so much thought that has gone into the making of them. These mugs are really pleasant to hold as they were designed with tea/coffee drinkers in mind. Re Jin did extensive research for two years to develop her idea of a 'perfect' mug. It was important to her to create a mug that would not weigh tons once adding the drink (like conventional mugs) and not be too fragile like many handmade fine porcelain wares, but look and feel completely organic and delicate. Re Jin said that "many of my customers have mentioned the positive difference they felt when drinking from BDB mugs. Some didn't even notice until they went back to their old mugs. Which I appreciate because I'd like the mug to be part of the drink and not something you notice or are aware of because it's clunky, heavy or too fragile to handle."

This video shows the making of one of her mugs. So much thought, love and care goes into the design and production of these pieces. It really makes it a special mug- one to cherish for years!

To Make A Mug - A Bailey Doesn't Bark Mug from Bailey Doesn't Bark on Vimeo.