Wednesday, May 20, 2009

$10.00 Notebooks!

I love notebooks and journals . . . but I might have gone a bit crazy. . . so we are offering a select few for $10.00 for a limited time. I must have a notebook or journal handy at all times (sometimes I have several- one for the desk, one for the purse, one for a trip or a trade show). I'm also really into writing things down- in the car, in the grocery store, on a train, while I'm waiting for someone, waiting at the gas station, etc.- one has to fill each moment with quality thinking, right? I've tried writing notes on my Iphone but it just doesn't feel right. I'm not that old but I'm definitely at the point where if I don't write things down- I'll forget. And doesn't it feel great to write something down and then cross it off? Done! Check! Finito! Call me crazy, but I've been known to write something down after I've already done it just so scratch through it! That little fleeting feeling of accomplishment is just so great! It's like a drug, man.

I need to have my little notebook handy for when I see a great product, or have a marketing idea or someone recommends a great site for me to check out or simply to call a friend or buy cat food- not romantic but certainly reality.

Now, they have to be small enough to fit in a purse and sturdy enough to write when standing up. And they have to be good looking because it's just nice to have something that you use everyday make you happy. It's the little things in life. Orla Kiely's notebooks are just beautifully made with a cool pear print or her signature stem design embossed on the cover. The inside of her journals are lined with a modern print and she always has a ribbon handy for marking your spot. Sukie is a husband / wife team based in the U.K. I fell in love with their retro, chic and witty images. The paper inside their notebooks are recycled and ruled. The travel notebook is quite unique with little pockets sewn in the binding to store business cards, receipts, love notes, who knows? Delphine's mini notebooks have letterpress covers with a scroll design or a pretty image of a polar bear or penguin. It comes with a colored band to hold your place and you get 2 journals in a set!

So, add a little excitement to your bag, have a handy journal for all those big ideas that pop into your head! Maybe it will amount to the next great American novel! Or give them as gifts- great for teachers, new graduates or just about anyone. For $10.00, why not?

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