Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fellow blogger friends and students

I have just finished a blogging course taught by the most knowledgeable Holly Becker of decor8. It has been 4 weeks of inspiration, challenges, great tips, criticism and thoughtful praise and the all too familiar anxiety of not getting one's homework done in time! The class was called "Blogging Your Way" and 200 people were logging in each week to discuss all the joys and frustrations of starting a blog for the first time- answering and discussing questions such as-

What do I write about?
How do I attract readers or advertisers?
Should I embrace Twitter and why?
How do I find my voice?
How do I overcome fear and negativity?
and more simply- Is my blog header OK?

I found it most enjoyable, satisfying and useful and I got to meet some really cool people and read some really great blogs- I love discovering so this was quite fun for me. Since blogging is truly about sharing at its core- most of our assignments were focused on sharing our thoughts on blogs that we liked (and why), blogs we would most like to emulate and this week we were asked to post the blogs that we discovered through this class. I did a collage of the blogs that I found and now love and here they are:


Fresh365 is one of the most beautiful food blogs I've seen because of its photography and simplicity. You will love perusing her close-up shots of peas, fiddlehead ferns and risotto. You will want to stop what you are doing right away and cook and eat and keep cooking and eating. She knows how to inspire! It's also all vegetarian!
Inspired Bride is pure eye candy. The writer, Maddy is sharp, witty and has a wonderful taste level. Her choices of dresses, cakes, gifts, flowers, you name it will have you rushing to the alter just because it can be fun to plan a wedding. It can be (sometimes). I only wish that the internet existed when I was married- she'd be my gal- oh boy, I'm so aging myself! She is also quite prolific- posting several times a day.
Hardakerandpope- is a sweet, lovely blog written by two women who live in the Cotswolds in England. The love great design, great food and have an eye for beautiful fabric and crafts. They have children and often share the wonderful baking or craft creations that come up with-I fully envy their talent and patience. I only wish I had a crafty bone in my body- but I do appreciate it!
WhenIGrowup- Everyone should have their own personal life coach. Hmmm. Do you think that could ever happen? Like every college student has a laptop now? Could there be a time when insurance requires a life coach along with your primary care? Just imagine-you could bring them with you everywhere and ask them how you should handle a situation or they could talk you out of an arguement before it happens or even better- get you off Etsy and Facebook so you can actually get some work done!? Hmmmm. I think I should lobby for that. OK, until that day comes, Michelle is your girl. Not sure how she always knows the problems or stress that I'm dealing with the second I log onto her blog-but she does. She has great ideas, great wit and is just so darn simple in her advice and most importanlty- she's fun. We all need a little moment to breathe- take a breath and check her out.
CityChicCountryMouse- this is a new blog about a Mom and a Daughter starting their own Etsy business making aprons, ironing board covers and clothespin holders. The daughter, Jamie, writes the blog and has a great eye on all things crafted and beautiful!

Thanks Holly for the great class and for your fabulous inspiration.

If you are interested in future classes, click on the BYW button to the right to get more information.


  1. Jennifer, you are awesome! Your link love & compliments on my blog made my friggin' day. Thanks so much for them! See ya in the BYW Yahoo! Group? If not, I'll see you 'round here for sure!

    Sorry for the exclamation points. It's just that this was so nice to wake up to!

    Michelle (The When I Grow Up Coach!)

  2. Ooh thank you so much for such a sweet write up! I am glad you are enjoying things :) I did answer your questions under the comment you left as well. This class was great and I'm having so much fun visting everyone's blogs!

  3. You're so sweet for including me! Thank you! I am sad that class is over, but happy for the wonderful experience. Happy blogging! Jamie

  4. hey you lovely person!!! we are so flattered to be in your top 5, thank you so much! we were talking about you a couple of days ago, thinking about an eco chic thing, can you send us your email, so we can send you some questions and do a litttle feature on you?!
    hope all is well in your world
    sarah xx