Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Acai necklaces and a great video

The Andean Collection has already been a great line for us and we think it's the perfect summer jewelry collection! We just got in these gorgeous five strand Acai necklaces in four colors- tangerine, sea green, light gray and multi and they are only $55! The colors are gorgeous and it is such an easy necklace to wear with a tee shirt, tank top, shirt or a simple summer blouse.

Acai (pronounced "ah-sai-ee") seeds come from the Acai palm which is found in the lush rainforests of South America. These trees grow predominantly in swamps and in floodplains and reach heights of approximately 45-90 feet tall. Small dark purple berries grow in dense clusters on the palm and each contains a single seed about .25-.4 inches in diameter. The fruit is harvested for food and is most often served as a beverage. It has gained global fame in recent years due to its high antioxidant and energizing properties. In addition, Acai leaves are used to make various handcrafts such as hats and baskets and Acai wood is often used in construction.

We found this video that beautifully shows the process of harvesting, carving and dying the seeds. You also see the making of the jewelry by the local artisans and then the end result of supporting and educating the community. There are no words but it is easy to see the joy the artisans feel in being able to support themselves. Learn more here. It's a lovely video that tells a wonderfully uplifting story. The more I learn about this company and Amanda Judge, the founder- the more I love it!

The Andean Project from Guru on Vimeo.

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