Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Juicy Orange

We love orange at Orange and Pear. Surprised? It's fun, fresh and still not overused. It pops any room and can brighten your day. it reminds me of the fun decor of the 70s and 60s. It looks great with metallic and pinks and greens. It makes me think of warm weather, juicy drinks and drippy peaches and the pending summer (that has to arrive sometime). I've compiled some of my favorite orange products. Hopefully they'll make you happy too.

The Sukie City notebook is free with any $40.00 purchase, add the notebook to your cart and enter code: Sukie at checkout and we'll send it off to you (while supplies last)!

Sukie, here from the UK, is a really cool and hip line of stationary, home decor and gifts started in 2000 by husband and wife team Darrell and Julia Gibbs. 7 years and 3 babies later, their line is still going strong. The name, Sukie, came from Julia's childhood cat (aawww). We are cat lovers at Orange and Pear so that's quite cool with us. Their designs are incredibly fresh, fun, whimsical and yet at the same time vintage looking.

Their hardbacked books with lined pages take their inspiration from notebooks found in markets across India. Check out our other great Sukie notebooks and travel journals.

The city image is just chic and fun. This is a great book to throw in your tote to write down your to do list, stories, notes, poems or the beginnings of your first novel and why not if it's FREE!

Other fun facts about Orange:
  • Orange is the national color of the Netherlands. The royal family lives in the House of Orange.
  • The color orange was used to highlight the violations of human rights in China during the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Orange is listed as a word that cannot rhyme with any other word in the English language (although its half-rhyme is lozenge according to the Oxford Rhyming Dictionery)
  • Hindu swamis wear orange robes because it denotes fire and burning of: the ego, their past lives and materialistic desires.
  • Orange is known as a social color and in feng shui design, orange energy is used to promote lively conversations and good times with friends and family in your home!

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