Thursday, February 3, 2011


photo from Lovell Designs

Just like I can spend hours looking at real estate websites, I can also spend hours thinking about how to organize my house! It must be a girl thing. I did read once that real estate websites are like porn for women. So true and really odd at the same time. Anyway, the start of a new year is always about purging (suggestion on where to send stuff can be found here) and reorganizing, right? So, I put together some of my favorite types of bins or things to put things in. I'm slightly obsessed. Go with color, print and pattern- there are so many options to keep it cheerful or go vintage and rustic. I love both.

1. "Venti" oval tub from the Macbeth Collection, $75
2. Serena and Lily desk caddy, $42
3. Lovell designs bin in blue dot
4. Serena and Lily Senegalese storage baskets, $68-$290

1. RP designs wood utility tray, $29.99
2. Ballard Designs double wire wall pocket, $49
3. Primitive wood tool tote, $65
4. Wire basket, Peddler's Design
5. Hovis English bread tin, $25
6. Serena and Lily rolling storage crates, $88-$118
7. RP Designs wood utility tray, $29.99

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