Tuesday, February 1, 2011

O and G Studio- meet the designers, see the process

I love finding cool new products made by talented artists- and that is what O & G Studio is all about.

O&G began when jewelry designer Jonathan Glatt, along with interior architect and theatrical set designer, Sara Ossana, met in a welding for furniture class at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003. Fast forward to 2009, when, after many explorations, Sara and Jonathan returned to their common passion for furniture and housewares to launch O&G.

All O&G designs exhibit the quality and attention to detail one would expect from a jeweler, the whimsy and eclecticism of a set designer, as well as the shared vision and style Sara and Jonathan have honed in their respective design fields.

We have been searching for a really fabulous cheese knife set and we are convinced we found it with O and G studio. We offer 2 sets- a fish and a ram. The detail of the design and carving of these pieces are incredible. The quality is amazing and the set is both elegant and whimsical. It is also very unique. The set includes a spreader, a spade and a hook. They are hand carved and cast in 100% lead-free pewter in their Rhode Island studio. This set is truly a perfect gift for an extra special person on your list and makes a wonderful wedding gift!

Sara kindly put together an amazing description of the process- this always fascinates me. I think we are so used to mass produced products, express service, drive-thrus (should I go on?) that we forget that there are still amazing artists out their that create beautiful things with their craft. Yes, there are thousands of cheese knives out their at all different prices but these are just so special and so beautifully made. Check it out and enjoy! Click once to enlarge the page and then click again to make them large enough to read, click the back arrow to come back to the blog and read the second page.

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