Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tre glass rings- Trees for the Future

We found tre (pronounced "tray" like the French word tres for 3) rings at a show in NYC and fell in love with them. With their fun attitude, attainable price-points and dedication to the environment- they were a perfect fit for Orange and Pear. In their words, "trees are essential to the environment. They clean air, filter our water systems, provide habitat for half the world's wildlife, and much more." Simply said and so right. So every time you buy a tre accessory, they plant a tree on your behalf. How cool is that? See Trees for the Future to learn more.

Tre was started by three friends (hence the name Tre) Marisa Brown, Lillian Stern and Ulrica Lanaro. Lanaro says that she has always loved bulky cocktail rings and since her husband is from Venice, she had an appreciation for Venetian glass. These lovely rings are made in Italy and don't cost that much and make quite a fun, bold statement. They've been spotted in a bunch of great magazines and some of the best stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Scoop, Kirna Zabete, and Fred Segal. They've also been spotted on a plenty of celebrities such as Brook Shields and Lindsay Price. We offer larger shapes such as the Anita in clear and turquoise and slightly smaller shapes such as the Nina in an awesome red and a rich amber and a really cool faceted one called Giselle in royal blue and smoke. We just love them. You gotta get your tre on!


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  1. The clear with the silver underlay is my favorite. And for each big, beautiful ring purchased they’ll plant a tree that’s sure to become big and beautiful.
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