Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Vintage Obession- Milk crates

1. vintage bottle carrier
2. milk jars in crate
3. vintage milk crate
4. milk bottle crate

This is certainly a late post but it I have been crazy busy! I just drove back yesterday from a little jaunt to Cape Cod to visit family and spent all day today catching up with orders and work. We got a huge response to the Lucky Magazine's Deal-of-the-Day on Thomas Paul Portland plates so it's been quite hectic! Woke up this morning with no milk for my coffee or for my daughters' breakfast. Not having my coffee was rough; my daughters of course did just fine. So perhaps that's why I have "milk on the brain." My little late Wednesday vintage obsession is milk crates. I love any vintage item that looks cool and also serves a function. These pieces are perfect for holding just about anything- tea towels, aprons, magazines, napkins or what about cool vases or old bottles with fresh flowers just for a little decoration? I love the idea that milk at one point was delivered to your home. We've got to get that going again, don't you think?

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