Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedneday's Vintage obsession- Raffia Melmac

Clockwise (click on link to purchase) from left to right.
1. set of 4 bowls
2. set of 3 mugs
3. 12 pastel mugs
4. set of 2 tumbers

Melmac was the brand name for molded melamine resin popular in the 1960s and 70s. It was also the name of the fictional planet to the alien Alf in the 1986-sitcom but we're not going there today. It is basically melamine- which we love and have several options from Thomas Paul. These stylish raffia (or burlap) wrapped mugs and tumblers just remind me of the 70s and fun little pool parties or backyard sprinkler soirees! I love the pastel colors- but they are also ultra chic in mustard and orange. You can find items like these on ebay and etsy for not too much money. They are great for outdoor entertaining and for kids- who tend to drop everything (like mine)!

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