Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let there be light.

top: Roost Mercury glass votives
2nd row (left to right): Roost chiseled votive, Roost milk glass votives
3rd row: (left to right): Roost square and round galvanized metal lanterns, Roost etched glass votives

I love summer. I love the weather, the fresh food, the crickets, the fireflies, the music festivals, Shakespeare, the beach, fireworks, s'mores. . . OK. I'll stop now. I really love eating outdoors. I can, however, do without the bugs. So, I made sure I had a great selection of votives and lanterns for just that purpose. Candlelight outdoors is not only helpful in shooing (is shoo a verb?) the bugs but also creating that awesome ambiance.

Good food. Great conversation. Some great wine. Aaaah. Check it out.

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