Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Soap and Paper Factory

Soap and Paper Factory has always been one of my favorite line of beauty products, way before I started the shop. I love their signature scents. They are simple yet beautiful. I love their packaging. They carefully wrap and box their products in these watercolor, vintage looking, rich paper. The soaps are then tied with a ribbon and adorned with a label that looks like it was written with quill and ink. They only use natural ingredients and buy locally and organic ingredients when possible. They never use petroleum bi-products (yipee) or the big ugly "Ps"- parabens or phlalates. And more importantly- they are just great people.

Soap and Paper factory was started as a collaboration between friends. Sisters Susan and Beth started a stationery line called Dewey Howard which was thoughtfully named after their Grandfather. They started with notecards, wrapping paper and journals. The images were inspired by memories of their family trips- such as the shells they collected on the shores of Lake Huron and their Aunt's Costume jewelry. At a trade show, years later, Susan and Beth met Lisa and Shannon of Brick House soap and they decided to collaborate- by wrapping Brick House soap and their many other yummy products in Dewey Howard paper and Soap and Paper Factory was born!

Ok, this might age me- but it reminds me of that 70s Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial when the guy eating the peanut butter is walking down the street (because of course everyone walks down the street while eating a jar of peanut butter) and turns the corner and bumps into the guy eating the chocolate bar and it falls in the peanut butter and one guys says something stupid like "Hey you got chocolate in my peanut butter" and the other guys says, "Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate." Am I the only one who remembers this? Oh my, are my kids going to be quoting Sketcher commercials 30 years from now? I'm not sure it exactly happened that way with Dewey Howard and Brick Soap but you get the idea.

This is a peek into their studio. Cool, huh?

This is a cute shot of 3 of the ladies- Beth, Shannon and Lisa.

At Orange and Pear, we carry their soaps, candles, solid perfume, drawer liners (these have been a best seller and gets tons of press) and their amazing fizzy bath powder.

Check it out! They make fabulous Mother's Day and teacher gifts and even better some of them are on sale!

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