Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vivo candles!

As a Manicurist in the Spa Industry for 12+ years, Christina Parker had been playing with her own spa recipes and scent creations.  That education allowed her to create Vivo, the beginning of a fun adventure that started with candles and evolved to a passionate career in Eco Chic scent luxury. She lives to laugh, so a touch of her spunky personality is placed in every product she creates.  

We love these Vivo candles not only for their delicious scents but also for their fun, whimsical packaging that we have not seen anywhere else. They come in a lovely glass jar and wrapped with a cool chevron pattern. They are handmade made of 100% sustainable soy and burn for 90 hours. Darn cute for only $25! What an easy gift to make someone's day! 

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