Monday, March 26, 2012

Angel Dear - Adorable Blankies - Perfect Baby Gifts

"Why do loveys have such magical powers?" Carol Sjostrom Miller asks in an article in Parent's magazine called "Life with Lovey." 
Her answer is "Quite simply, they help children control their emotions. 'It feels good—and is calming—for a 1-year-old to stroke a blanket or hug a stuffed animal,' says Jane Kostelc, a child-development specialist at the Parents as Teachers National Center, in St. Louis. That's why most children pick loveys that are soft or have a nice texture. In addition, many toddlers choose comfort objects that are connected to their mother in some way, such as the blankets they were held in as babies. Of course, other children become fond of items that make little sense to anyone but them. "Our toddler became attached to one of his socks," says Nicole Guillory, of Mount Vernon, Washington. "He carries it everywhere and won't go to sleep without it." 
My 6 year daughter still sleeps with her blankie-a light purple elephant blankie which she affectionately calls "Elephanty" - just like the ones we just brought in from Angel Dear. She doesn't take it everywhere and we have left behind on trips without problem but it is still her favorite blankie and she is always snuggling with it at night. I think it's wonderful. She's a great sleeper and a confident child. I'm glad that she has a buddy to soothe her fears (while I get my much-needed sleep). Perhaps that's why we just fell in love with Angel Dear. Their blankies are adorable and so soft and cuddly. We sell them as a set with a matching ring rattle or stick rattle which are great for when you need a little bit of entertainment. The set is only $18 which we think is a well-priced baby gift for any new mom. We also offer nice monster blankies in fun, bright colors if you just want a blankie. These are also great for sibling gifts. The napping blankies are big enough cover a stroller and we also love the napping pillows for tummy time or as sibling gifts.

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