Friday, September 17, 2010

The Magisso Cake Server- a great design, a useful tool!

We are constantly searching for that unique gift that you know your gift recipient doesn't have- a gift that is well-priced, beautifully design and offers great packaging for a perfect presentation. And if this item could solve a little problem or two- well, we are all over it! That's what the Magisso cake server is all about- great design, great packaging and just darn useful. It is designed by Maria Kivijärvi, a young Art & Design student from Finland. In Mariaʼs own words, “despite the recent trend for functional and innovative design in kitchen utensils and tableware, the basic idea of the cake server had not changed in a long time. For this design, I was deliberately searching for a completely new functionality and appearance for the cake server”. Ok, how many times have you tried to put your beautiful masterpiece of a cake on your guest's plate with a skinny pie server for it to just topple sadly upside down? Or even worse- break into two pieces! That's what this amazing invention is all about. Style meets function in this unique object that simplifies the task of cutting and moving a piece of cake in one action. By pressing down on the cake with the Magisso cake server, you can cut a perfect piece of cake and hold onto it! By lightly squeezing the handle, you can lift the piece of cake, then release it on your guestʼs plate. Voila- cake piece intact!

The Magisso cake server in stainless is made of mirrored stainless steel, which is cut and bent to give it this unique shape, it is then polished by hand to assure a great finish. It is the perfect gift for families and friends and just won a 2010 red dot product design award. It ships in a fun, well designed box that's great for gift-giving. Check out this video to see how this nifty tool works.

New this year are this great vibrant colors- black, lime, purple and white in strong plastic. At $19.00, they make a perfect hostess gift!
  • dishwasher safe
  • made from BPA-free, food safe plastic

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