Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Linnea's Lights- simply divine!

I met Laura Cler of Linnea's Lights back in August at this wonderful event called Monday Morning Mimosas organized by the fabulous Erika Firm of Delphine Studio and joined by Smock Paper, Green Paper Company and Russell and Hazel. It was a nice way to spend a morning in the city before I trekked on over to the jinormous NY Gift show in the Jacob Javits center. I just fell in love with these candles for so many reasons. Linnea's Lights, founded by Laura Cler, is a small but quickly growing company based in Indiana. Laura and her mother run the candle company where they meticulously hand pour these lovely triple scented candles in small batches to get the mix and scent just right. The fragrance is subtle and lasts for the entire 60 hour burn. The wicks are of lead free cotton and there are two of them on each candle. They use only pure essences, fine fragrances and sustainable soy wax to create these masterpieces. Their process is completely done by hand. The packaging is a simple, yet sophisticated, recycled natural kraft cylindrical box that is hand stamped with the name of the scent. The glass candle is wrapped in brown paper along with a box of matches. The scents are divine and yet quite unique. They make absolutely lovely gifts, especially at a wonderful price of $28.00. We have already sold a bunch of them. They've been featured in several magazines including In Style, Vogue and Everyday by Rachael Ray. You will be pleased! We carry 8 scents: Moss, Fir, Pomander, Blue Agave, Current Rouge, Bamboo, Yuzu and Winter. I think Pomander is my favorite because of the cloves and spice- it just perfect for this time of year but I also love Bamboo and Yuzu for their really unique and soothing scents. It's really tough to choose!

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