Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paloma's Nest in Martha Stewart's Weddings!

Caroline Colom Vasquez's (designer for Paloma's Nest) gorgeous ring bowl was featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding's magazine (summer 09) and we are thrilled! They featured a gold rimmed "palm-sized" bowl that is hand stamped with: "The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, For You." The rings can be tied to the top. What a modern and timeless piece for a wedding - one that the couple will have for years! I love Caroline's work. It is simple, sophisticated and her bowls make very special gifts. They arrive in a kraft box with her logo stamped on the top and are resting, gently in a delicate nest. We have 4 bowls, at approximately 3" in diameter, that are stamped with I love you, I miss you, Cherish and LOVE. The LOVE bowl at $54, approximately 8" in diameter, is a unique and truly special wedding gift. The Cherish bowl has a milagro symbol for miracle as does the LOVE bowl. They are perfect to send to a mom, daughter or a special friend and they are quite well priced at $24.00. Why not send a little love today?

Caroline also does hand stamping on wood, I have an inspiration block that she made with leftover wood pieces that is hand stamped with great advice that I truly think about every day.

Live Simply
Have Hope
Give Thanks
Smile Big
Be Good

We have sold out but can get more. Email me at if you are interested. Click here to read more about Caroline and Paloma's Nest.

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  1. Such a beautiful ring bowl it is. What a great idea. Hey can you also share from where I can get it? I am planning to gift this on my friend’s wedding next month at New York wedding venues. I am sure that will be a great surprise for her.