Thursday, March 31, 2011

The gorgeous art of Lori Glavin

Alternate Route, 2010, oil on paper with collage, copyright Lori Glavin

Caps for Sale, oil on paper with collage, 2010 copyright Lori Glavin

Balls in the Air, 2008, oil on canvas copyright Lori Glavin

Web 2, 2010 oil on canvas, copyright Lori Glavin

Recently, I took my girls to visit the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT. It's an amazing school that offers classes in painting, sculpture, creative writing, watercolor and pottery to adults and youth. They've been around since 1908 and have had exhibits by Milton Avery, Helen Frankenthaler and Jacques Lipchitz. Merce Cunningham taught dance here and the New York Philharmonic performed there. They also have a beautiful gallery that offers over 20 exhibitions a year. I have great memories of coming here as a child so I thought it would be fun to take my girls (5 and 7). I haven't taken them to many art museums or galleries. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago but this was our first real gallery visit. It was a little nerve racking since there were several incredible glass installations by Martin Kremer called Cathness Lines (see picture below) but the girls were great, we held hands and nothing was broken and no one got hurt!

At the same gallery, I fell in love with the art of Lori Glavin. The way she uses color in her work is just amazing. I love both realistic and modern art and what I love about art is the subjectivity of it. I really respond to her work. Maybe it's the turquoises and greens, the mid-tone colors that are so soothing. I love her collages because she uses old checks with oil. What a wonderful way to reuse something so mundane and make it so beautiful! That is also why she was perfect for our April Artist because of Earth Day. They are so many ways to reuse and recycle- I never would have thought about this one! Lori has been involved in the arts for over 25 years. She received her BFA from Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts. She worked in New York as a graphic designer and art director at Conde Nast and the New York Times. She also owned her own design firm. She is an artist member of the Silvermine Art guild and a co-founder if Wilson Avenue Loft Artists in Norwalk. In her words, "I accumulate and re-interpret the artifacts of daily life. Embracing the relationship between domesticity and art-making, I seek to find a second use for found objects of personal significance- whether my grandmother's lace dollies, supermarket packaging or household textiles. The theme of renewal is common in my work, as my day-to-day routine mirrors the larger cycle of organic growth and decay." Go to her site and see more other beautiful work- you might want all of them!

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